Exclusive Interview with Amassing The Infinite

Posted: 21/08/2013 by brisbaneundergroundmusic in Interviews
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Photo by: Leanne Sauer 2012

Photo by: Leanne Sauer 2012

Amassing the Infinite are a 5-piece progressive death metal band from Brisbane, Qld. Their sound is a unique combination of brutality and melody often with the lyrical themes using story-telling to evoke a strong sense of angst. Since their debut appearance in early 2012, the boys have had a big year of live shows and their first album recording.

Luckily for us, we were able to snatch an interview from ATI straight after their single, ‘Ode to Finality’, aired on 4ZZZ for the first time on 19 August, 2013. Their complete album, ‘The Bridge’ will be release later in the year.

If you missed out on Sunday, you can download their single for FREE here. And if you like what you hear, check out their Facebook page for more!

Q: I understand you guys just recorded your first album; how did it go?

A: The recording process was done over the last six months through RTD studios, we are all really happy with the finished product

Q: What was the recording process like?

A: It was a really steep learning curve for all of us being our first time recording, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get the best results we could with a very small budget. Through the whole process we learned a lot not only about the recording process and what we are capable of musically but also about each other’s personalities and how we react under pressure.

Q: How did it feel to hear ATI play on the radio for the first time?

A: Surreal! We all listened to the show separately and we were sending messages between each other through Facebook etc. I can honestly say that releasing that song and hearing all the positive feedback and kind words from my friends and even just being able to share that moment with people is one of the happiest moments in my life.

Q: As a band, what’s your biggest inspiration?

A: Being in a band is a funny dynamic… It’s like being married to four other people and trying to juggle the wants and needs of everyone involved in the marriage at the same time. I don’t know why we keep on doing what we are doing when the cost physically, mentally and emotionally are so high. But its times like our single premiere last week when we can share something that we have created from scratch and forge such a strong connection with people we might hardly know over music. It’s things like this that inspire us to put in all the long hard hours it takes to create the music we do

Q: Some bands take a while to find their sound, while others find it organically. How did you guys find your sound?

A: Someone’s style musically usually comes from hours and hours of trying to mimic and replicate the techniques and style of your musical heroes. We all came into this band with our own styles and thoughts on what direction we wanted to take the band… Not always agreeing either… So from day one we have been working towards combining the ideas and sounds from each member into a sound that ATI can honestly call its own. You could probably say it was an organic process, but by no means was it an easy path to take! There were arguments and feelings hurt but I think the main thing that defines our sound is that no one in the band will let each other get away with something that’s sub-par, we will keep on pushing each other to improve.

Q: How has the band’s sound changed through its lifetime?

A: The band’s sound hasn’t so much changed in the time we have been active, but rather gotten more focused. We know now more about each other and our writing styles and we continue to grow in skill as musicians and songwriters. The music for the follow up to ‘The Bridge’ will defiantly be a more precise affair.

Q: What has been the weirdest thing you guys have experienced as a band?

A: This is a tough question… Weird to me is word that I find hard to define especially when the majority of people in the heavy music scene relate to being ‘different’ or ‘the minority’. I would probably say our strangest moment was playing what we have dubbed ‘the rap party’. This was a show we played at a party when we first started out; they provided us with no power or appropriate place to set up our gear and were all full on hip hop enthusiasts. We also played the show with a singer who had only jammed with us for 3 hours prior and improvised the entire performance.

Q: Is there anyone in particular you’d like to acknowledge for their support (financial or emotional)?

A: We’d like to acknowledge our friends, family, loved ones, and anyone else who has supported us through the journey. Anyone that has come to a show or downloaded our music and anyone who has helped us get gigs or contacts. Really the list is too long to keep going

Q: And finally, what does ATI plan for the future?

A: We plan to hopefully release another single with a video clip before releasing our 6-track E.P. with a killer launch show at The Crowbar, followed by a string of local and interstate tour dates to promote the E.P. Then of course start working on a full length album to follow up with


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