Posted: 01/09/2013 by amehz in Artist Spotlight


Hi music lovers,

I thought I would take the time out today to show my interest on a man who has showed great promise in the alternative sound that I appreciate – GESAFFELSTEIN.

He comes from France, and is re-inventing Techno in its most dominant and darkest form.

He is transforming an alternative sound movement of the 80s called EBM (aka Electro Body Music). It is a driving sound that is opening the eyes of today, with amazing percussion, unique heavy builds, and stunning bass-lines.

As from the clip (below) you can see that the track is titled – “Pursuit”

I analyse this, as most would, as the ‘Pursuit of Power’ with the Golden Fist Glove conveying the symbol of Power.

My perception analyses this clip in which Monarchy was first formed and then as we progressed through the ages, power was split up into different faculties such as Military, Economics, Government, Intelligence and Industrial.

Things to look out for: GESAFFELSTEIN looking in the mirror, investing in himself – The narcissistic attitude to evolve into an almighty status.

So have a listen, see what you think.. and welcome the future!


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