Posted: 03/09/2013 by amehz in Interviews

Inside the bat cave


Hi Ladies and Gents!

I took the time out to have a chat with my fellow brothers of the alternate world, Multiple Man!

We had a pleasant chat, and I thought we would do an interview on this great pair.

Q: So I personally know about the formation of Multiple Man, but would you like to tell our viewers who you guys are? 

A: Multiple Man is identical twin brothers Sean and Chris Campion playing pummelling tech-noir. Right now we have just finished booking an australia wide tour for november. We got into music through tony hawks pro skater 2 probably.

Q: What are your future prospects?

A: Hoping this music thing takes off. Otherwise, I pack a mean grocery bag.

Q: You’ve started to gain some attention lately which I must congratulate you on, what do you or / Multiple Man (your brother chris) find especially thrilling about the live show?

A: We are all about playing to a new and potentially hostile audience. We’ve played everything from raves to rural pubs to corset stores.

Q: The highlight of your musical career thus far?

A: The highlight of our musical career was turning Forces deaf.

Q: So recently multiple man celebrated their 22nd birthday, what did you guys get up to?

A: We went to a restaurant that served all you can eat meat on swords.

Q: If you could share one track with our readers, which one would it be? 

A: Can you play Legacy Issues off the new cassette

Q: I’d like to thank you for catching up and spending the time today to conduct the following interview, any shout casts or closing statements?

A: Our vision is your vision

Thanks for your efforts Multiple Man, the duo, Sean and Chris Campion.

Please take the time to listen to their incredible track (below), and enjoy!



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