Brisbane’s Music Fans – Analysis of Our Facebook Data

Posted: 30/09/2013 by brisbaneundergroundmusic in Data and Statistics
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Hey guys,

We’ve been trying to discover who is really interested in our mission of bringing Brisbane’s underground music talent to the surface. One of the tests we’ve done to find out our viewer demographic is look at our Facebook data. By doing this, we’ve discovered that our fans are predominantly within the 19 – 24 age bracket and that there is a slightly higher male fan base than female. Our fans, as we expected, are from the Brisbane areas, however we have received interest from a number of fans living in the Gold Coast. Interestingly, we even received a couple of likes internationally, with two of our fans living in Pakistan! We found that pretty cool!


We’re also stocked to realise that our fan base is steadily rising, and with 23 likes last week, we’re not up to 107! Thanks for all your support guys. Please spread the word about our page so we can help get everyone interested in the awesome talent that Brisbane has to offer.

Facebook data

We’d love to get feedback from you too! So, if you have something to share, please drop a few lines in the box below.


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