Hi again,

I thought I would contribute on the latest indulgence of the music that is on its way to taking-over in the synth/dance arena.

In today’s world, we are running-out of ideas on how we should progress as a culture, a society and a lot of this comes from our love and wisdom of/from music.

We constantly build and build from previous ideas, and this is our state of progression. The profession in which this is done could be argued that we are always the same, stagnant if you will. It is the simulation of continuing growth, but perhaps, we should find a more radical balance to set ourselves apart to create a greater future. We need to produce individual styles of our own nature that collaborate with others to enhance a richer prospect of where we want the globe to lean forward and towards.

We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers,
We are the dreamers of dreams

The music is called Dream-wave or Retro-wave. It is derived from a similar genre called Nu-disco or Italo Disco.

We have come once again, at a crossroads in which we start to shift into New World Order, and we begin to dream of the future again. The era, in which is very much alike to what is today’s influence is from the mid 1980s.

The underground music scene in the electronic department, finally coming to agreement of Deep-house as its predominant sound at the moment. What is next? What is the under-ground that will soon be mainstream again? It is this alternative sound of 80s music, and is developing as we speak. It has been done before, though like a lot of aspects, it will won’t be appreciated for a long time. The sounds from the 2000’s that I personally am feeling quite pleased with and being re-invented is another thing, however that for now is too early for its time.

Therefore, you can see the pattern of originality and modernisation coming forth. I could tell you what’s after that.. But that would be telling.

So enjoy one of the pioneers of the upcoming scene.

LazerHawk! Give him your recognition!

Press play!


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